Webinar: Community Land Trusts- Controlling Land for the Common Good

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“Community land trusts are a powerful and flexible tool for creating and preserving inclusive communities. Join Jason Webb, Community & Capacity Building Specialist at Grounded Solutions Network, as he shares how community control of land has transformed neighborhoods and lives.

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Webinar: Introduction to Permanently Affordable Homeownership

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“Communities all across the country are trying to create policies that do more with less, balance individual benefits with community benefits, and make a dent in their local affordable housing needs. More and more, these communities are adopting permanently affordable housing models to achieve their goals. Join Jenee Gaynor, Capacity Building Senior Specialist at Grounded Solutions Network, as she makes the case for permanently affordable housing and shares how you can adopt and customize these models to fit your community’s needs.

This event is free for Grounded Solutions Network Members and $15 for non-members.

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*Please note SFCDC is not the organizer of this event.

“To many economic development practitioners, the New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) offers promise as a tool to get deals done but understanding how to use it in an actual project often proves challenging. This course takes participants through a general understanding of the program to detailed, step-by-step application in actual deals.  NDC, as a recipient of one of the largest NMTC allocations, is at the leading edge in developing and applying the best models for this powerful economic development tool.  This course addresses the following topics:
  • Outline of the NMTC program
  • How funds flow through an NMTC deal
  • Determining the amount of tax credits available to investors
  • Calculating the Qualified Equity Investment
  • Structuring a Qualified Low-Income Community Investment
  • Compliance and recapture issues”

“AICP members can earn Certification Maintenance (CM) credits for this activity.”

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Communication Tips and Tools to Strengthen Your Impact

Presented by the Community Health Training Institute

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Topics: Developing, implementing, and evaluating a marketing/communications plan

Description: Participants in this webinar will learn about the elements of a communications strategy and how it can increase the effectiveness of your organization or project. They will also understand the value of doing research in the community as part of a communications effort and how it can inform the design of the strategy, including identifying appropriate audiences, communication approaches, and channels. Methods for evaluating the outcomes and impact of a communications strategy will be briefly described.


Audience: Coalition leaders and partners; individuals working towards community health.

Participants completing this webinar will be able to:
1. Describe the value of developing a communication plan for an organization or project.
2. List the key elements of a communication plan.
3. Explain how to go about creating a plan including goals, objectives, audience, channels, and measuring success.

Lead Trainers: Tamaki West (left) and Karen Schoneman, HRiA

This webinar addresses the following MA DPH Coalition Criteria Guidelines:
1. Effective utilization of data to inform goal and activity selection, implementation, and evaluation
2. Consistency with MA DPH’s goals and priorities

*Please note that SFCDC is not the organizer of this event.