Understanding the Investing in Opportunity Act

*Please note SFCDC is not the organizer of this event.

“Around the country American communities are experiencing highly uneven economic development, resulting in large, regional pockets of disinvestment and unemployment. The recently enacted Investing in Opportunity Act aims to correct the aforementioned economic imbalances by incentivizing groups – through the temporary deferral of a tax on capital gains – to invest in distressed areas. In this CDFA webinar, learn from our expert panelists how the Investing in Opportunity Act works, when the program will begin, and a host of other important details essential to understanding this new federal program.

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Webinar: Unpacking the Investment in Opportunity Act – NDC

*Please note SFCDC is not the organizer of this event.

“Learn the in’s and outs of what’s in the legislation and how it will join the arsenal of federal investment tools to strengthen community and economic development nationwide.

We will also provide an update on FY 18 funding and a projected outlook for FY 19 preparations.”