This page lists several key sites and organizations that conduct research, advocate on issues, and provide support to practitioners of community development.


Housing Issues provides issue papers, legal forms and information, and news articles related to community development with a focus on South Florida.

University of Miami – Office of Civic & Community Engagement – Focus on Affordable Housing
The purpose of this initiative is to connect faculty and students with community partners to address strategies for improving housing options in Miami.  The website and related wiki also list the latest information, research, and projects related to affordable housing.

Miami-Dade NSP Consortium
The Consortium uses NSP2 funds to stabilize neighborhoods in north central Miami-Dade County through the acquisition and rehabilitation of existing housing units or the redevelopment of vacant or blighted structures.

Broward Alliance for Neighborhood Development (BAND)
BAND is a membership organization of non-profit organizations in Broward County involved in developing neighborhoods.


Florida Alliance of Community Development Corporations (FLACDC)
FLACDC is a statewide member-driven association of nonprofit community development corporations and their partners and supporters.

Florida Housing Coalition
Florida Housing Coalition is a statewide membership organization which provides training and technical assistance on affordable housing and related issues and advocates for policies, programs and use of funding resources that maximize and improve affordable housing in Florida.

University of Florida – Shimberg Center for Housing Studies – Florida Housing Data Clearinghouse
The Shimberg Center conducts research relating to the problems and solutions associated with the availability of affordable housing in the state. The Florida Housing Data Clearinghouse, located within the Shimberg Center, provides public access to data on Florida’s housing needs and supply, and household demographics.


National Alliance of Community Economic Development Associations (NACEDA)
NACEDA works with its member associations to influence national policy and shape strategies that advance community prosperity.

National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders (NALCAB)
NALCAB is the national voice for a diverse group of Latino-led community development corporations and other community-based organizations that focus on asset building.

National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development (National CAPACD)
National CAPACD is a national advocacy organization dedicated to addressing the housing, community and economic development needs of Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.

Institute for Comprehensive Community Development
The Institute offers a range of programs and services to train, educate, and inform community development practitioners, funders, and policy makers.  The website includes case studies, articles, and blog posts from national leaders in community development.

National Housing Conference (NHC) & Center for Housing Policy
NHC engages and convenes its membership in nonpartisan advocacy for effective housing policy solutions at the local, state and national levels.  NHC’s research affiliate, the Center for Housing Policy, develops solutions through research.

National Fair Housing Alliance
The National Fair Housing Alliance website provides a variety of fair housing resources for individuals and organizations, including rights and requirements that must be observed by owners, managers, realtors, and lenders, as well as requirements for new buildings.